Let’s “milk” this opportunity to double our impact!

Help us get twice as much milk to hungry families. For every gallon Gleaners purchases and distributes, United Dairy Industry of Michigan will provide another gallon, now through the end of December!

This means if Gleaners can buy two truckloads of milk at a cost to us of $15,120 – that’s 8,640 gallons – UDIM will provide another 8,640 gallons that will go directly to our partner network.

Milk is one of the most desired items by families needing food assistance, yet it is rarely donated, and expensive for the food bank to purchase. Please help us “milk” this opportunity for all it’s worth to turn two truckloads of milk into four!


  • $17.50 = 10 gallons 20 gallons
  • $35.00 = 20 gallons 40 gallons
  • $70.00 = 40 gallons 80 gallons
  • $140.00 = 80 gallons 160 gallons